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Client: Frost Supply
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Frost Supply needed a marketing consultant to assist their marketing team with innovative creative and communication strategies to increase online sales, in particular through their mobile site. With the increasing trend of online ordering, Frost Supply knew they had to push their current and prospective customers to register for a user ID and order online through their new mobile site. To assist our customers with this new task, we created an online ordering assistant, named “Carry, the Frost Girl.” Her job is to pleasantly and persistently encourage customers and prospects to register for a unique user ID and start ordering online because it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. “Carry Frost in the Palm of Your Hand” was our tagline, as customers could literally carry tens of thousands of items in the palm of their hand on their mobile phones. Customers could also “Carry Frost” on their trucks, shelves, and job sites with just a few clicks on their phones. We developed a unique flip card showing Carry’s personality and the easy 1, 2, 3 steps, as well Carry GIFs, videos, and Carry Contests to help get her helpful personality out to market. The response has been enormously positive, as people “get it” and even ask the real, Kerry (Frost’s marketing manager and inspiration for Carry) for her autograph on popular “Carry Swag.” The brand strategy and brand identity of Frost Supply has bene positively altered with the clever personality of Carry- the Frost Girl, and our contests, promotional items, and Carry Lunch n’ Learns continue to develop a loyal following.

”Stephanie worked with our team to create a unique marketing campaign. Jointly they created Carry the Frost girl, our online marketing assistant. We used the Carry campaign to build our company awareness and branding campaign. Overall, Stephanie works to keep our marketing team on task and meet deadlines while assisting with our companies future marketing strategies.”
John Frost – President, Frost Supply


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