How do I get sales to buy in to my marketing strategy?
Get their ideas! Use them as a resource. Get them excited about the overall marketing strategy and goals. Internal marketing is just as important as external marketing.

How can my marketing help increase sales?
Good marketing generates and nurtures leads. Sales works with marketing to qualify those leads and guide them through the sales pipeline.

How do I measure the results of my marketing efforts?
While everyone wants to measure by an increase to the bottom line, and that is essential, another important factor is an increase brand recognition and brand value. Are people talking about you more? Are people excited about your company and products? Are people telling their friends and giving you referrals? This should all lead to an increase to the bottom line, but the value in brand love and recognition far outweighs a good or bad quarter in the long run.

Do I need to consistently market my brand, services and products?
Yes. Being consistently in front of your customers with a message that educates, not sells, help create brand loyalty and brand love. A consistent message is key. Not only do we want to be in front of the customer when they are ready to buy, we also want to accurately portray our company’s brand message and identity.

What is the difference between a brand strategy and a brand identity?
A brand strategy is HOW we plan to reach our industry with our upcoming campaigns. A brand identity is what is already in place as far as an overall brand look, message, and culture.

What is the difference between outbound marketing and inbound marketing?
Outbound marketing is an outgoing email or print piece that is directly being pushed to a database of prospective customers. Inbound marketing is the process of nurturing a customer to contact you organically through a search query online.
Do I need to market to my existing customers?
Yes! Existing customers are the best way to get new customers. Getting customers excited through a creative campaign is the best way to create brand love and get those golden referrals.
Do I need to pay for SEO and be on the first page of Google?
Yes and no. It depends on how your customers find you and how you want to generate leads. Having a strong digital presence is becoming more and more necessary, so some type of SEO/ SEM program is recommended.

What is the relationship between sales and marketing? How can they work together?
Marketing creates a brand strategy by carefully crafting a message that drives market interest and industry awareness. Sales uses that market position to manufacture higher quality leads, customer relationships, and sales.

If most of my business is repeat customers who have known me for a long time, do I really need to market my services?
Yes! Marketing is more than just getting the next sale or pushing a product. It is cultivating a company identity and culture. It educates first, entertains at times and looks to the future.