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Client: Goodwin Brothers Construction Co.
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This client needed a full rebrand to highlight their upcoming 70th anniversary and to enhance their online presence to potential clients. In particular, they needed a rebrand to showcase and describe their capabilities as a substantial general contractor who could handle large-scale projects. We dove into their website redesign, while also developing alternate logos to support their original logo. We gave them a unique brand identity, by calling out their charitable giving with a new ‘Goodwin Gives Back’ logo, their 70th anniversary with a new 70 year logo, as well as their history of 70 years with a timeline of graphics and milestones. We changed their original color scheme of royal blue and yellow to a more toned down dark blue and gray that looked more industrial, modern, and professional, while also maximizing their professional photography in our print materials. Once our brand matched our message, we developed a newsletter template for electronic mailings, the five sectors that encapsulated their capabilities, and print collateral from everything from envelopes to invoice templates to project profiles. From the color scheme in their new building to 3D posters for their open house, our new brand identity and brand strategy shined and gave this company a much-needed rebrand and market awareness.

“Stephanie with Seal the Deal Too has been great to work with through the process of our company’s major rebranding and in defining a marketing strategy. The rebranding has touched on all parts of the company and has had a very positive impact of our perception within the industry. We have met some pretty tight deadlines and Stephanie has always stepped up to meet the challenge. Seal the Deal Too successfully shaped a very innovative vision for our marketing and branding all while melding the company’s storied history and culture. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Seal the Deal Too ensuring that our company stays on course for future marketing and branding needs.”
Doug Wachsnicht – Vice President, Goodwin Brothers


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